I have a passion for live music, playing Saxophone, classic cars, fitness and the sea. I’ve lived in Oxford all of my life so far, and I do really love this city. However one day I would really like to relocate to the West Country. Devon or Cornwall really… but I can’t decide how I like my scones….

I was never sure what to do with the artistic flair that I have inherited from somewhere along the line. It’s definitely not from my mother (although her stick men are something pretty special), or my Nan (who specialised in doodling three legged cats…). That was until the day I went in for my first tattoo a few days after my 18th birthday. From the moment I sat down in the chair I was completely transfixed. It sparked my interest in the whole process of tattooing – from the designing of the custom artwork, to learning the skills needed to execute a good quality tattoo. The idea of creating permanent artwork for people that lasts a lifetime is what made me want to learn the trade in particular.

Since completing my 3 year tattoo apprenticeship in 2014 under the tuition of Warren Jeffrey, I’ve been working on developing my skills and discovering my identity as an artist. Including working in mixed media, developing my skills as a realism/patternwork artist and doing extensive research into colour theory.

I love doing anything pattern work/mandala related as they’re a real test of symmetry and precision. Over time I’ve began to create my own style of pattern work, which is a complete mishmash of various styles incorporating varying line densities, dot work and shading.
I also love taking on black and grey realism tattoos, which is more closely related to my realism based portrait drawings.

If you have any ideas that you want to discuss, feel free to send me a message – either on the contact form or via direct email (arubabluetattoos@gmail.com), and I will reply as soon as possible.
I’m always more than happy to help 🙂